Company Profile

Company profile


Mission on the shoulder, gather strength to move forward

  • 1996年

    The company was founded and has been committed to the development of environmentally friendly paper food packaging manufacturing industry。

  • 1998年

    Pondu cooperates with domestic paper mills to develop domestic food wrapping paper instead of imported paper。

  • 2003年

    Pondo and Jin Merang have become strategic partners for 10 years。

  • 2005年

    Pangdu has established a sound industrial chain and completed the comprehensive strategic layout of China's region。

  • 2008年

    Pondu enters into partnership with Uni-President and Nestle。

  • 2009年

    Pangdu and Xiangpiaopiao production base reached a nationwide cooperation。

  • 2012年

    Pondu first launched the in-house connection production project and successfully implemented it。

  • 2018年

    The first phase of the Pondu Hebei plant was completed, and the relocation was completed and officially put into operation in June of that year;
    Pangdu headquarters took the lead in comprehensively upgrading the financial information system。

  • 2020年

    Pondu Hebei Plant Phase II and Anhui Tianchang plant started construction, is expected to be fully put into operation in 2021;
    Pondu was selected as Zhejiang Manufacturing enterprise。

  • 2020年~

    The new material product was successfully developed and officially produced at the end of September
    Green ecology, the future can be expected。

Our Strength

Our strength

For the health and safety of products, all processes from material storage to production and inspection use the same standard as food manufacturing enterprises
Quasi-health and quality management system。

Continuous innovation:

Pondu's persistent innovation and development, continuous exploration in the field of new products and new materials, effectively shorten the research and development, test cycle and complete continuous parameter data collection, creating value for customers' products。

Hardware strength:

In the factory hardware equipment, Pondu attaches particular importance to the production line construction of "quality and quantity" synchronization, and improves the adaptability and advanced level of equipment clusters through in-depth thinking of new industries in science and technology。Pangdu has a highly advanced level of various types of automation equipment in the industry, and has flexible order production planning capabilities, which can meet the flexible adjustment needs when undertaking large-scale orders。

Quality control:

The laboratory is fully equipped with good production equipment, reasonable production process, perfect quality management and strict testing system。


Customer comments

Pangdu adheres to the business philosophy of integrity management, service first and continuous innovation, and has developed together with today's Melang so far. In the future, we will continue to cooperate sincerely and bring convenience to consumers with ingenuity and conscientious quality。Innovation wins the future, I believe that you will continue to develop new materials, new products, strive to be the industry leader, and make more contributions to the development of the world's food packaging industry。

Pondu supports "Kraft Hope Kitchen" to improve the dietary nutrition level of rural schoolchildren, improve the health knowledge and food safety practices of rural teachers and kitchen staff。

Thank you to Pondu for all the efforts they put into providing world-class service to our Cup。

Super high quality cups. Our coffee stays warm for hours in pondi paper cups, and I don't want to throw it away after using it once。

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